sheet metal manual folding machine

Machine Application:

Sheet metal folding machines can be used to shape metal sheets into boxes and pans in various sizes.

Also used for ventilation,cases,trays,kitchen,furniture.

Consumers can choose the machine according the material thinkness ,processing width of the metal sheets.there is light type,heavy type,tradition type(American type or european type),Each type can provide different width to be selected.we can do any model,non-standard products according to customer's special requirement.


Machine Features

1. Heavy duty steel fabricated frame provides accurate bends

2. Extended fingers allows bending of pans or boxes to a depth of 200mm

3. Machine equipped with a graduation ruler on both sides, readout eliminates the bend angle guess work

4. Ground segmented fingers can be repositioned to suit many applications

5. Safety top beam support stop lever located on right side of machine

6. Quick action beam adjustment for varying material thickness

7. Includes rear manual back gauge


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