"Pursuit of Excellence" is one of our core values, and we have also established the goal "Survive on Quality" from Day One of the company. When competing and cooperating with large numbers of manufacturers at home and abroad, we are more convinced that, without perfect quality, the fate of the company will be gloomy. To this end, the company had not only set up a separate department as the quality control center, which focuses on the general control of the  products quality, but also formed a professional product testing center to enhance self-monitoring and self-testing capabilities Besides, the company is also committed to enhance employees’ quality awareness through the training in advanced quality management methods such as “5S” and “Total Quality Management”. With our unremitting efforts, our products have passed the national and world-class certifications, such as CQC, GS, CE one after another. And it is the obstinate belief in high quality that helps us win more opportunities to cooperate with many world-class manufacturers.
We formed a strict quality control process, which can be divided into three phases overall. Controlling the purchase of materials strictly is the first phase. In order to ensure high-quality of raw materials and spare parts from the outset, our material suppliers are rigorously screened, and we also keep a close tracking of the transportation of our materials before the entrance of external material storage. The second stage is the quality tracking and detection process in the producing. To this end, not only had our PQC inspected the product under high frequency and intensity, we also require the workers between prior and next operations perform strict mutual inspection, all of which was to prevent from quality problems. The FQC and QE’s final inspection is the last stage. They are required to do a rigorous check of the products before exiting the storehouse. Under this strict three-phase quality control system, our products had gained world-wide reputation, which also helps the company reach its business peak one after another.
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