HVAC Duct manufacture auto line (HCH-IV)


* Linear structure reduces sheets transferring time and improve production efficiency.

* The material frame is controlled by the speed adjustable converter motor

* 10 Rollers for leveling and grooving which ensure the flatness of sheet metal for various thickness

* with material processing saving mode, users can reduce the waste of sheet metal significantly to less than 20mm per material coiler.

* with features of servo motor driven in folding process and accurate positioning, it has the obvious advantage especially when produce the square shaped duct.

* The input adopt two modes: screen tough and keyboard input which ensure stability of the system.

* require only one person to operate the machine, two persons can take away the ducts.

* The speed of each part can be adjusted as needed.

* A processing counting function for statistics and management with day count and total count.

* support print function for production management.

Main Functions:

This line is mainly for producing square ducts with TDF flange/angle steel flange, the processing capacity is 1000-2000square meters per day. After input the dimensions of the ducts you want to process, then the machine can complete the following functions: uncoiling, leveling, beading, notching and punching, shearing, pittsburgh locking, TDF flange forming/angle steel flange forming and hydraulic folding.

Optional material auto stacking system

Basic configurations:

* A motor-driven material feeding frame(4 coils; the max loading per coiler is 7tons)

* Optional 8tons or 10 tons of hydraulic material frame

* A material supporting frame

* A main machine

* A manipulator for material clutch, transferring and positioning platform.

* A movable high-speed Pittsburgh lock forming machine

* A duplex angle steel flange forming machine

* A duplex TDF flange forming machine

* A servo-motor driven material feeding platform

* A TDF Hydraulic folding machine

* A CNC system and a set of production software


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